Many want to know.. Who is The Candour Club? How did it come to be? Why? What is the meaning of it all? The idea of The Candour Club was birthed in my mind during the early stages of Covid hitting America. We were all hit with a sickness that devastated the world in many ways. This is when I had time to think about the truths of my life and the world we live in. I found myself wanting something more for us all. I thought about my father and his battle with cancer and an ulcer through out his lifetime. I watched him suffer until his passing. I wanted to create a place where those who became apart of The Candour Club could ease their pain and find a better place to live in. The existence of The Candour Club is in my heart and wherever those who are apart of it will carry it. It is a place of beliefs, a place of truth, a place of faith, a place of determination, a place of strength, a place of inclusion, a place of art, a place of dreams, a place of freedom and a place of legacy amongst many other things. My father was always sick, but he left the legacy in my mind to never be defeated by any and to fight all battles without a doubt. The one thing sickness taught me is how to live. I designed and created every part of The Candour Club for 2 years until I released its existence into the world just a few months ago. We have been strong since the beginning and will continue on through all things of the world. The Candour Club is a divine entity that exists in the true nature of purity.

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