The idea of our leaf and its name is based on a belief system that is rooted in power and succession. I chose the word Candour to show the transparency of the club and it's members. Being this way allows us to progress as a whole. We work together at the same time as understanding our differences. This allows us to succeed on our individual strengths, combining them as one. The leaf of The Candour Club is that of a Rowan tree. I chose this leaf to symbolize the beliefs of The Candour Club. When I seen it, it stood out to me and I liked it's presence. It is apart of a continuing sacred history known as The Tree of Life. A Rowan tree is symbolic to courage, wisdom and protection. It is apart of the rosaceae family. In spring it blossoms white flowers and after it's flowering it gives little red berries that each have a 5 pointed star on them. There have been many ideologies behind the greatness of The Rowan Tree, but there is one story that stood out to me the most. I felt the connection of the leafs purpose for The Candour Club in it. It is a tale of Thor, God of Thunder, being swept away to the underworld by a fast flowing river. There was a Rowan tree hanging over the river that saved his life, as he was able to grab ahold of the branch and pull back to land. This story is symbolic for me and my purpose of creating The Candour Club. It shows that there is ever evolving life in my brand and that it is strong under all circumstances. Being apart of The Candour Club means being part of that undeniable power.

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